Things to do in Zante 2023

Things to do in Zante

Booking a holiday can be very stressful Luckily for you, our experts and Zante reps have been working hard to bring you the Ultimate Zante guide to make your holiday planning as simple as possible. Let’s face it nobody want to look through hundreds of foreign websites trying to plan the best things to do in Zante. So here is our list of the the top things to do in Zante 2023. If you have any further questions just drop us a message, our Zante Experts are happy to help!

The first thing you should 100% do in Zante this summer is the Ultimate Events Package brought to you by My Party Holiday! Let’s be honest the main reason you come on holiday to Zante is to party in the sun, and experience the amazing Zante nightlife! The Ultimate events package brings you all the hottest Events at a fraction of the cost that it would cost if you purchased them from a Zante hotel rep! In fact the package this summer costs just £99 and the events from a rep would cost £325! So you’ll save over £200 by purchasing your Zante events online! This years Zante Ultimate Package includes 8 events in total with a VIP wristband also included to save you extra money in the Zante bars, restaurants and in shops around Zante. Our favourite event in the package is the Shipwrecked boat party, it comes fully loaded with an unlimited free bar from the moment you step on until the moment you crawl off! This will be the best day of your Zante holiday cruising around the Med partying with your best friends and hundreds of others on the ultimate Zante Boat Part! The Ultimate Package also includes the Rescue Paint party. This is the number one paint party in Zante hosted at Rescue Club and is guaranteed to be the messiest night of your holiday! The third event included in the Zante Ultimate Package is Zoofari, this event has been inspired by the famous Zoo Project in Ibiza and includes body paint and a 4 hour unlimited free bar! This event is not to be missed! You can also expect to see some familiar celebrity faces on your Zante holiday with the F**k me in Famous night, this is a night filled with party games and is celebrity themed this night is hosted by some of your favourite Geordies ;)! Our ultimate events package also includes the legendary beach party. This is Zante’s ultimate day session! You can expect the best music, party drinking games and hundreds of like minded party goers getting mortal all afternoon! We also understand how important a pool party to be when you’re on your Zante holiday so we have included the biggest pool party in Zante in your events package you can expect this to go off every week of the summer with drink deals all day long this event is not to be missed! Finally the last event to mention which is a must thing to do in Zante is the technicolor bar crawl! Expect Holi paint powder, lots of drinking games and the reps getting everyone drunk in an old school bar crawl! This crazy night is one that you’re never gonna forget!


This is one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in the whole of Europe so it’s definitely one of the top things to do in Zante! There are a couple of ways to get to the Shipwreck beach. Firstly you have to decide whether you want to see it from above or whether you want to actually visit the beach itself. If you wish to see if from above (this is the best for photos) you can take a bus tour from Laganas or hire a car/quad bike if you’re confident. If you wish to get onto the beach itself you can only access the beach by boat so you can either hire a small speed boat or you can get a guided tour boat. We would definitely advise visiting whilst you’re in Zante, it has also been voted in the Top 5 Instagrammable Spots In Zante. Contact your My Party Holiday Rep for more information.


Zante is the largest breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) turtle in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea. They have been here for millions of years and is definitely one of the most popular and top things to see in Zante. In Zante you have the opportunity to snorkel with the turtles which is a truly incredible experience you can also take one of the many guided boat tours in which you are guaranteed to see a turtle. The tour will also take you to the famous turtle island and Keri caves. The other option to see turtles is to rent a speed boat from one of the many vendors on the Laganas strip this is great especially if you want to do things at your own pace. It’s worth nothing that you should keep the speed of the boat down when near the beach and near the turtles as this is a conservation area. Please respect the nature in Zante.


Believe it or not anybody can rent a speed boat in Zante! This is an amazon opportunity for you and your squad to explore the hidden caves on the turquoise waters and have a day out balling out on your own private boat. You will be given a map so you can choose where to go, you can visit Turtle island, Secret caves and some other cool beaches. Why not grab some snacks grab some drinks and make a day of it sunbathing out at sea.


Nothing screams independence like having your own quad bike in Zante! If you have a driving license then this is a surreal experience for you! Learn how to ride quad bikes and cruise around in the sunshin, throughout the mountains near the beaches! What a feeling! This is extra helpful if you’re hotel is off the main strip or if it’s to hot to walk in the sun! You can ride a quad by yourself or you can have one passenger with you so there is no need for one each and you can share with your friends. Be sure to show your my party holiday wristband when renting your quad bike and you’ll get a discount, or you can book your quad bikes with your my party holiday reps who will always look after you during your holiday!


There are 3 go kart tracks on the island of Zante. The go kart track in Laganas is the closest to your Zante hotel. It is positioned at the end of the strip (opposite end to the beach) and is definitely one of the most popular things to do in Zante! So why not spend an afternoon racing your friends around the track to establish who is the best driver out of you and your squad! If you decide to visit the go kart track be sure to show your My Party Holiday VIP wristband to get extra laps for free.


Cocktails are served for breakfast in Zante so why not make the most of your holiday and drink the finest cocktails day and night! There are plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels with extensive cocktail menus so find out your tipple and enjoy being a cocktail connoisseur!


There are some amazing restaurants on the island that we recommend in Zante from traditional Greek to Mexican! Please see the Zante Restaurant guide for more information on the top restaurants we recommend. ! Zante is also home to all your usual the fast food restaurants. so if fancy a McDonald’s milkshake and a Big Mac you can get that or if you fancy a cheeky Nandos then Peri Heaven is the place to go!


If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs or locally made crafts then Zante will be a dream for you! Whether you want a I love Zante T Shirt, a fridge magnet for your family or a locally made ceramic bowl Zante has it all. It is worth nothing that most of the souvenir shops are in Kalimaki or Zante town, You can find a few in Laganas but if you want a better selection to try one of the bigger towns.


Nothing screams holiday more than banana boat rides! Zante has plenty of water sports to choose from! Including jet skis, flying fish and banana boats. You can book from as little as twenty euros with your My party holiday VIP wristband! Group discounts are also available.


If you enjoy shopping for souvenirs or locally made crafts then Zante will be a dream for you! Whether you want a I love Zante T Shirt, a fridge magnet for your family or a locally made ceramic bowl Zante has it all. It is worth nothing that most of the souvenir shops are in Kalimaki or Zante town, You can find a few in Laganas but if you want a better selection to try one of the bigger towns.


If you have never been to Zante before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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