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In short, the weather in Ibiza is fantastic! You can expect hot days in the sunshine and pleasant warm nights through the holiday season (May until October). You can expect next to no rainfall during the late summer months. Please read our Ibiza Weather Guide below with diagrams.


The average temperature in Ibiza is considerably higher than the UK all year round, but during the summer it is most pleasant, you can expect every day to be warm! As you can see from the graph. The Ibiza season starts inMaywhere holidaymakers can benefit from regular sunshine and average temperatures of 16 degrees – although this includes night time, so days are generally a lot warmer than this,Ibiza Boat Partiessuch asOceanBeat usually start sailing once a week throughout May. InJunethe average temperature increases up to 22 degrees. June is also peak season in Ibiza as colleges and universities close for the summer break. The Ibiza events kick off in June, and theIbiza events packageis popular with all events now running includingZoo Project, Ocean Beat, Together at Amnesia, Hotbed at O Beach Club, Ants at Ushuaia. During June it is unlikely to will need any warm clothes in Ibiza generally day and night you will not need any outer clothing! InJulythe average temperature in Ibiza rises to 25 degrees, although it is much warmer in the days as the average temperature is based on both day and nights. The average temperature of 25 is hot, you should consider investing in air conditioning in yourIbiza Hotel. During the day times, It can also be unbearable during lunchtime and early afternoon hours so you may want to consider at Siesta. July is the busiest month, so it is wise to pre-book everything as hotels and events sell out fast!Augustis the warmest month in the Balearics with an average temperature of 26 degrees. If you are visiting in August, make sure you invest in a good fan or air conditioning as night time can be seriously warm and difficult to sleep if not!

The day times are scorching too and a couple of hours in the sun can be enough! Although the weather is lovely, you are also at risk of sunstroke if you spend too long in the sun so prepare to wear hats, sun cream and get plenty of shade! If you are planning on raving in the sun at events such as Ants or on OceanBeat boat party, then be sure to take plenty of water on board! August is another busy month in Ibiza, and there is typically more of a mixture of nationalities visiting in this month, with Italian and French also joining the British on the Island. Prepare for this as Italian DJ’s such as Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati will sell out early in August so pre-booking tickets is essential.You can purchase tickets here.In September the average temperature takes a welcome drop down to 24 degrees. September is a good month to come to Ibiza where you can experience warm but not unbearable temperatures and also catch some cool closing parties. October is usually the last month of the holiday season in Ibiza and it usually pleasant throughout although you may want to consider a jacket on some evenings. The average temperature in Ibiza in October is 21 degrees.


Here you can see the average high and low temperatures for each month in Ibiza. This is handy, so you can plan around how warm it is during the day and also at night when most of the parties and club nights take place. In May the average high temperature is 22 degrees and the average low temperature at night is 14 degrees. During the day you shouldn’t need any outer clothing and its warm enough to sunbathe, and during the evening it is usually warm enough to wear a single layer. In June the average high temperature is 26 degrees which is hot! You should wear sun cream at all times in June especially if partying on the IbizaBoat Partiesor any other day parties such asZoo Project. During the evening temperatures drop to 18 degrees which is still very warm for night time. This is 8 degrees warmer than the average low in the UK. If you are in Ibiza in June, we would advise you to book accommodation with air conditioning or a good fan! InJulyit does get sweltering in Ibiza with the average high temperature hitting29 degreesalthough it can reach35 degreeson some days! This is hot, and it’s essential to wear sun cream and hydrate during the daytime At night the average low is 21 degrees which are great for outdoor open-air events at Ushuaia, Blue Marlin or O Beach. Still, it can be problematic when trying to sleep so again we suggest shopping around for a hotel or apartment with good air conditioning! August is the hottest month on the White Isle with average high temperature reaching 30 degrees daily. If you are partying in Ibiza in August consider sun cream, a fan and plenty of liquids during the day parties such asOceanBeat, O Beach, Blue Marlin, Zoo Project or Ibiza Rocks Pool Parties.It would help if you also considered taking clothes to cover yourself to prevent sunburn. It should be noted that Temperatures can reach 37 degrees on a hot day in August and 30 degrees is just the average high temperature. The average low temperature in August is 22 degrees. It is difficult to escape the heat both day and night in August. The less clothing, the better to keep cool during night time, typically lads will wear a vest, shirt or T-shirt with shorts and trainers, whereas girls will wear shorts and a small top or a dress. August is the warmest time of the year in Ibiza and the night times are extra hot, so again we recommend you to invest in Air conditioning in yourIbiza hotel.In September the average high temperature drops slightly to 28 degrees and the low average drops to 20 degrees during the evenings. This is a welcome change as August can be too hot during the evening. September is a fantastic time to visit Ibiza as people flock to the Island for the legendary closing parties which often sees the best DJ lineups of the summer. October is the last month of the party season in Ibiza, the temperature drops again in October with average highs of 24 degrees, and the average low temperature is 17 degrees. It is unlikely that you will need any warm clothes in at any time during the Ibiza season!


The average rainfall in Ibiza varies a lot from month to month with the winter months taking almost all of the rainfall and next to no rain during the summer months.Ibiza eventsare never cancelled due to bad weather so do not worry about this when purchasing your Ibiza events, If it does rain in Ibiza it is tally just a light shower! The first month of the Ibiza party season is May. During May Ibiza sees an average of 27mm of rain for the whole month and an average of 7 days with rainfall. These seven days are usually just showers and not full days of rain like you would expect back in the UK. In June the average rainfall drops significantly to only 12mm for the month and just four wet days over the month so you could expect possibly one day with a rain shower during your week stay although it is unlikely to last very long. In July the rainfall drops to 9mm on average with three days of days with showers over the month. It is unlikely that rain will affect your holiday in July! August is equally as dry with 9mm on average over the month and just four days on average where you may experience a light shower! In September you can expect an average of 30mm of rain for the month and an average of 8 days which you may expect a shower. To summarise the rainfall in Ibiza is extremely low and your holiday is likely to have next to no rain during your Ibiza holiday.


Ibiza is blessed to have sunshine hours all day long, so get your sun cream on, find a lounger and prepare yourself for a golden tan! You can start sunbathing from the moment you wake up right until sunset in Ibiza. In May you can expect 12 hours of sunshine per day. In June, July and August you can expect 13 hours of sun per day. In September this drops to 10 hours a day and 8 hours of sunshine per day in October.


The sea temperature in the Balearics is hot during the summer months and warm enough to swim (Although some people choose to swim in the sea all year round in Ibiza). In May the average sea temperature is 18 degrees which is warm enough to swim in the sea!OceanBeatis Ibiza’s number one boat party sailing from May until September. During the trip the boat stops off at a secluded beach for a swim stop where half of the party people usually decide to jump in. The sea temperature always feels pleasant in May and the My Party HolidayUltimate Package Repsare still first to jump in! In June the sea temperature rises on average to 21 degrees. This is a good temperature for the sea which comes just in time for holidaymakers coming over for the start of the Ibiza peak season. During July the sea temperature increases again up to 24 degrees celsius per day on average. In August the temperature reaches its high yearly average of 26 degrees, this is around 10 degrees warmer than the average August sea temperature of Brighton, UK. The sea temperature stays high during September at 25 and dropping to 22 degrees in October.


If you have never been to Ibiza before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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