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Weather in Kavos

The weather in Kavos during peak season June until September is some of the warmest in Europe! In Short, the Weather in Kavos is beautiful! Kavos is lucky enough to have little rain from June until September which makes it the perfect holiday destination. One thing is for certain warm weather and blue skies are guaranteed. Please read below for details of Kavos weather. Make sure you remember to pack your swim wear and have you sun screen ready! Remember the Kavos Ultimate Package includes both day and night events, none of which have ever been cancelled due to bad weather.


As you can see from Figure 1 the weather in Kavos is very hot! The main season for party holidays is June until the end of August in Kavos. As shown here the average high temperature in June is 28 degrees celsius this rises to 30 degrees in July and August. This is perfect weather for sunbathing and the Sandstorm Boat Party. The low temperatures at night in June are 12 degrees Celsius which can be chilly if you are riding a quad bike but you should not need a jacket during the day or night in June. In July the average low temperature is 14 degrees so it is unlikely that you will need any warm clothes as both day and night are warm.


The average rain fall in Kavos is low which is great for your Party Holiday! In June it rains on average 6 days in a month, so on a one week holiday you may get one day with rain on average, this does not mean raining all day though luckily, usually just a quick shower of warm rain! In June 6mm of rain is on average and just 4mm each day on June and July.


Great news for you sunbathers you can sun bathe from the moment you wake up till the evening in Kavos! June and August on average see 12 sunshine hours each day and July with 13 hours of sunshine. See figure 3 for details.


If you have never been to Kavos before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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