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Weather in MAGALUF

The Magaluf Weather changes depending on the month you go so we have decided to break it down for, month to month below.


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 18
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 11
  • Sea Temperature – 16
  • Rainy Days – 5

The Magaluf weather in April is warm during the day time with average highs at 18 degrees, hence why Sunset Booze Cruise Starts sailing from the first weekend of April. You can expect warm blue sunny skies for most of the day, but it can also get cloudy, so it is always a good idea to have a Jumper or Jacket handy just in case the sun drops behind a cloud, the high temperatures can reach 21 degrees celsius! If you do go on a boat party in Magaluf, you may wish to avoid swim stop as the sea temperatures are frigid sitting at around 16 degrees celsius! At night time it is advisable to wear a jacket and trousers or jeans as it can get cold especially as a lot of the bars in Magaluf have large terraces so socialising outside is standard typically temperature can drop to around 11 degrees on an evening. The weather is usually dry in April with only five rainy days on average.


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 22.5
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 15 Degrees
  • Sea Temperature – 19
  • Rainy Days – 4

The Magaluf Weather in May is much more pleasant than the previous month. The average high temperature reaches 22.5 degrees which is perfect for sunbathing (4 degrees warmer than April). As the weather is warmer, more groups start holidaying in Magaluf, that being shown by Magaluf nightclubs opening their doors for the season ahead in May and Magaluf Sunset Boat Party now running at least twice a week throughout May with over 300 people on each boat. Both young party-goers and Stag and Hen groups generally flock to Magaluf in May. In May it is unlikely that you will need warm clothes on during the day time, but it may be wise to carry a jacket in case the sun gets blocked by the clouds. The sea temperature in May rises to 19 degrees on average, which is pleasant enough to have a swim or a paddle. The night time in Magaluf in May sees various event taking place both indoors and outdoors activities such as the Full Moon Party and White Party. This is a great way to spend your evening now that the night time temperature does not drop below 15 degrees, if you want Indoor night time events you can find these too with events such as MCP Foam Party and Amnezia running throughout May as part of the very popular Magaluf Events Package. You should get away without wearing a jacket or outer layers during the evening in May. During the whole month of May, there are on average of 4 rainy days; this does not mean raining all day long however usually just a shower or two so it is unlikely to ruin your day if it does rain! If it does rain, you could try indoor activities such as the Katmandu Theme Park or Magaluf Escape Rooms.


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 26.5
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 19
  • Sea Temperature – 22.5
  • Rainy Days – 2

Magaluf weather in June is Hot! The average high-temperature Increases 4 degrees from May and hits 26.5 degrees which are perfect for sunbathing and getting a good tan! You will need sun cream in Magaluf as the sun is hot and it does not take much to burn you may still want to bring a jacket but only to protect you from the sweltering Magaluf sun! June is the start of the peak season in Magaluf so you can expect thousands of young arrivals every day looking to party it up in the sun! Pool Parties now take place nearly every day for people on the Magaluf Events Package. During June around 10,000 people will be on the most popular events package the Magaluf events Package which includes the best Magaluf events, which are all in full swing from June until September. The events Package consists of the best day events including Heatwave pool party and Sunset Booze Cruise and the coolest night events including, celebrity club nights, and themed parties. The sea temperature in Magaluf is 22.5 degrees, so there is no excuse for not going for a swim at swim stop on Sunset Booze Cruise! At night time it is common to wear vests, shorts or dresses as the temperature rarely falls below 19 degrees, this is great for partying on a night time especially open-air events such as the Full Moon Party but can also be very hot in your Magaluf Hotel room so make sure you have air-con or at the very least a good fan especially if you have someone staying in your bed with you! If you are coming to Magaluf on holiday in June you won’t need to pack a raincoat, on average only two rainy days in the month and this is likely to be a quick shower, or tropical thunderstorm so should not affect your party holiday!


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 29.5
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 22
  • Sea Temperature – 25
  • Rainy Days – 1

The Magaluf weather in July is scorching, it is likely to be blue skies and sunshine all day long every day! The average high temperature is 29.5 degrees, but some days it can reach up to 35 degrees. If you come to Magaluf in July, you may want to consider what the Spanish call a Siesta or in English we would call a nap during the middle of the day as it can be boiling and challenging to stay outside if you are not used to the climate. July is the busiest month in Magaluf with hotels all at full capacity and 90% of them being full of British people aged between 18-30. The Events Package sees thousands of new guests every day in July and its events and boat parties running at least once a day every day throughout July. if you are coming to Magaluf in July, you will need to pre-book your Ultimate Package online as it does sell out in advance! The water temperature in Magaluf in July sits nicely at around 25 degrees which is warm; you won’t feel the chill when you jump in at swim stop on the boat party, the swimming pool waters are warmer too! During the evening and night times in Magaluf, it stays hot with the lowest nighttime temperature around 22 degrees. Typically you will find people wearing vests, light T-shirts or skimpy dresses at night because it’s so warm, it is not uncommon to even see some tourists with their tops off at night time in July! If you are visiting Magaluf in July consider investing in booking a hotel with air conditioning otherwise it may be too hot to sleep. It is not uncommon for people to sleep on the balcony as its cooler in some Magaluf Hotels! July is the driest month in Mallorca with an average of 1 wet day in the month just 6mm of rain for the month. It is extremely unlikely it will rain if Magaluf in July so you won’t need to pack a raincoat!


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 29.8
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 22.5
  • Sea Temperature – 26
  • Rainy Days – 2

August is always the warmest month in Mallorca. You can expect sunny blue skies with no clouds all day long. The average maximum temperature hits 29.8 degrees, but it is not uncommon to see the temperature hit 35 degrees upwards on some humid afternoons. It will be hot from the moment you wake up in August, so make sure you wear your sun cream straight away as you can burn within just 20 minutes in the sizzling Magaluf sun. August is another busy month in Magaluf with British, Italian and French guests equally sharing the hotel rooms. If you are coming in August, you will need to pre-book your day time and night time events as they sell out in advance. The water temperature in August is 26 degrees an average which is the warmest month so its great for swimming but the swimming pool and sea won’t cool you down that much as its still so warm! During the evening in Magaluf in August can be unbearable to sleep as it doesn’t drop below 22.5 degrees so choose accommodation wisely and consider air conditioning. On the other hand, it’s great for partying with air-conditioned nightclubs and open air events such as the White Party and the Full Moon Party which you can party in a vest or lose top and shorts. August is a dry month in Mallorca with 2 rainy days on average and up to one inch of rain during the tropical storms.


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 27
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 20
  • Sea Temperature – 25
  • Rainy Days – 4

September in Magaluf is a pleasant month to visit with the temperatures finally cooling down from the heat of the summer. The peak season is now behind us but the month of September is still popular and an excellent time to visit. The tourism age shifts from 18-30 to a mixture of all ages from families to stag and parties and young party-goers. The average maximum temperature each day is 27 degrees which is perfect for sun bathing and partying in the sunshine. The infamous Sunset Booze Cruise is still running twice a week throughout September and pool parties are still running once a week. The sea temperature is 25 degrees on average in September which is warm enough to swim. During the night time, it does get cool in September dropping to around 20 degrees, but this is still quite warm and its unlikely that you will need a jacket during the evening, but we would suggest to bring a jacket, in case it rains during your trip, on a one week holiday to Magaluf in September it is likely to rain one day as four rainy days per month are expected!


  • High Daily Average Temperature – 23.7
  • Low Nightly Average Temperature – 16.6
  • Sea Temperature – 22.7
  • Rainy Days – 7

October is low season in Magaluf with fewer flights now flying into Palma Mallorca airport, but you can still expect good weather in Mallorca with average maximum temperatures of 23.7 degrees. October is always a fantastic month for sunbathing. You can also find the last boat party of the summer in this month. During the night time, the temperature can drop substantially to 16.6 degrees celsius which can get cold in Spanish hotels (you may want to check there is some heating). Generally, you would wear a jacket or outer coat during the night hours in Magaluf in October. You will still find a lot of tourists swimming in the sea during October with the water still being around 22.7 Degrees which is pleasant. In October you can expect 7 wet days on average raining 3 inches over the course of the month.


If you have never been to Magaluf before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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