Magaluf Restaurant Guide 2023


There are over 80 Magaluf restaurants to choose from, some are good, and there are some bad ones too. So we have decided to put together a guide with our top-rated restaurants. We have also included your favourite fast-food restaurants too for when you are feeling a bit hungover! Whether you want a quick bite before theFull Moon Party or you are looking for a quick fry up before you set sail on theSunset Boat Party we give you the low down here. We have listed all restaurants with a food award such as Best Pizza, Best Steak etc. to help you decide. Also, remember that a lot of the bars in the Magaluf Bar Guide also serve pub meals and English breakfast. You will also get a discount off a lot of restaurants bills in Magaluf by flashing your My Party Holiday VIP Wristband which is included in the Magaluf Event Package and Magaluf Holiday Package.



Blackbeards Restaurant formally known as Pirates Restaurant (The restaurant is shaped like a Pirate Ship) is the located bang in the middle of the Magaluf Beach. This is Magaluf’s only beach BBQ restaurant with a huge outdoor grill. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind and refuel. Although the restaurant is only a stone’s throw from the Magaluf bar strip, it feels like a million miles away with its calm, relaxed vibe. The restaurant is large, with enough seating for hundreds of hungry guests. There is seating with sea views, seating on the sandy beach and also seating within the restaurant area itself. During an evening Blackbeard’s host talented acoustic musicians who play chilled classics and sing some of your favourite songs which adds to the ambience, tables always fill up fast when live performances are on so make sure you arrive early! The menu is extensive with a strong emphasis on the exclusive BBQ on offer, Steaks, Peri Chicken, Ribs are all popular choices from the grill, along with salads and our favourite selection the Pirates Burgers. Black Beards also serve delicious, high-quality premium cocktails including all the favourites such as Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiris and Expresso Martinis. Blackbeard’s restaurant is a firm favourite in Magaluf backed up by over one thousand five star reviews on Tripadvisor and is currently rated number 2 in Magaluf. Your My Party Holiday reps will bring you for a BBQ here on your last night in Magaluf.



Tom Browns is a family-run restaurant that has been serving Magaluf holidaymakers for the past 35 years since opening its doors in 1982. The restaurant serves top-quality meals at very reasonable prices; in fact sometimes it seems to good to be true. You can pick up a main and a drink in a combo deal for just €8! The restaurant is located at the bottom end of Magaluf Beach, only a one minute walk from the Magaluf Event Package collection point at Linekers bar. Tom Browns is famous for providing home comforts to holidaymakers and Magaluf Workers. This includes British sausages, Heinz Beans, Yorkshire puddings and Hereford Steaks. Tom Browns also wins the award for the largest menu, offering over 350 different meals and combinations, it is safe to say there is something for everyone at Tom Browns Restaurant. The restaurant has sea views and over 50 fans that also spray ice-cold mist to cool you down. Some people choose to eat every meal at Tom browns on their Magaluf holiday, and we can’t blame them, the food is delicious!



Foxys Restaurant is located towards the top end of the Magaluf beach near the Lively, Flamboyan and TRH Magaluf Hotels. This quirky surfer shack is a pure paradise just a few metres from the golden sands of the Magaluf Beach. Foxys is super cool and even has a DJ playing throughout the day and evening, Foxys keep it simple with a small menu of delicious Spanish food, Fajitas and Pizzas. The Pizzas at Foxys are cooked in a stone based pizza oven, and we don’t believe you can get any better in Magaluf! This is why we award Foxys our award for best Pizza in Magaluf. Foxys is also for milkshakes and cocktails, so if you are on the Magaluf and need some refreshments look no further. Foxy’s also makes a traditional British breakfast for under €5 which is always a hit after a big night out on your party holiday.



Bondi is one of the newest eateries in Magaluf located next to the Sol Wavehouse Hotel on Magaluf Beach. Bondi is owned by the owners of Stereo Bar, so the Chic style from Stereo has been carried through to neighbouring Bondi. This restaurant was always likely to be a hit. Bondi provides the perfect summer feels with its white decor on the seafront bang in the middle of Magaluf beach.

The restaurant serves food and drinks from breakfast at 10 am until 2.30 am every day of the summer. The menu is Mediterranean based and prides itself on top-quality ingredients. This is also extended to the alcohol served, which is only premium grade. The menu serves delicious Paella, Steaks, Fish, Salads and other Mediterranean favourites. The bar staff at Bondi also create some thirst-quenching cocktails so swing by and give it a try.



Max Garden is actually located in Palma Nova but is just a 10-minute walk from Magaluf, so we had to put include it into our restaurant guide. Max Garden is located next to the Lively Palma Nova hotel. In recent years Max Garden has become a popular choice for health-conscious holidaymakers and locals looking for good quality meals. Max Garden offers a large menu with lots of plant-based and vegan options swell as the usual meat and seafood. Garlic Prawns are a favourite alongside Steak Wraps and Buddha bowls. The restaurant has a relaxed vibe and stands out with the green plants, egg chairs and stylish decor throughout.



Tapas Restaurant is one of Magaluf’s best-kept secrets, so tell only your best friends. Tapas Restaurant is located on the side of the BH Hotel just around the corner from BCM Night-club. This small Spanish restaurant does not look much from the outside in comparison to some of the cool beach restaurants, but this restaurant serves some of the tastiest steaks on the Island. Tapas offers both quality and quantity, so if you are looking for a big feed, then this is the place to visit. The T-Bone steak is always huge and barely fits on the plate, all steaks are served alongside Padron peppers and Spanish potatoes. All cuts of steak are available at Tapas are all delicious and cooked on the grill just the way you like. This restaurant is also incredibly good value and is open until the early hours of the morning.



El Mundo is situated next door to Eastenders bar just off the main Magaluf bar strip. El Mundo is a family business which first opened its doors back in 1977 and has had a fantastic reputation and offered friendly service ever since. El Mundo serves a range of tasty seafood, meats, pizzas and Tapas. We believe that El Mundo serves the best Tapas in the whole of Magaluf. You can order big plates of Tapas here including Spanish ham, Chicken Croquettes, Padron peppers, Lobster, Garlic prawns and plenty of other traditional Spanish dishes. El Mundo also has a great wine list. El Mundo is open for lunch until late into the evening every day of the summer.



Happy Chinese is located on the beach just outside Magaluf in neighbouring town Palma Nova. It is only a ten-minute walk from the centre of Magaluf. If you enjoy Asian cuisine, then look no further than Happy Chinese, which is a reliable Chinese restaurant of a similar standard to an excellent Chinese back in the UK. Our reps have over 30 years of combined experience in Mallorca and have eaten in their fair share of Chinese’s on the Island and claim this is the best. There is an extensive menu serving everything which you would expect and at a reasonable cost. The restaurant also offers to take away (In case you are to hungover to eat out) however it only provides collection, not delivery service.



Plaza Emoriyum is a food market located centrally in Magaluf square, next door to Coyote Ugly Bar. This food market rents out spaces to some of the best restaurants on the Island who have been picked to come and offer their menus at this ultimate dining experience. There are currently 9 top restaurants plus one cocktail bar making up the Plaza Emporiyum; there is something for everyone here with cuisines from around the globe. The restaurants are Vaccu Steak house which offers premium cooked steak and steak sandwiches. il Tano which is an Italian restaurant offering high-quality pizza and pasta. The third restaurant is a Thai street food vendor called NO RICE. Seven Sins Burger offers some tasty premium burgers, which are always a favourite. The Chip Shop also has a prime spot inside the emporium offering traditional British style fish and chips. The Tacos Tribe are also on hand to deliver that Mexican street food flavour. American Grilled Sandwiches are made with love by The Smoky Butcher. There is also a Turkish Restaurant offering authentic Turkish Kebabs with all the trimmings. Last but not least there Wabi-Sabi Japense restaurant delivers the finest quality sushi on the Island.


Although one KFC has closed down on the Magaluf Strip, there is thankfully another located opposite BCM Nightclub, just up from ShowGirls Bar. The KFC in Magaluf is open day and night so is perfect for those hungover days or as food after a heavy night out on the Magaluf Events. The KFC is similar to KFC in the UK serving all the Chicken pieces and similar type of buckets to back at home. The only downside is that the KFC does not serve gravy. So be prepared for that when you put in your order!.


Mcdonald’s restaurant is conveniently located bang in the middle of Magaluf, in-between Linekers bar and Coco Bongos bar. Mcdonald’s is open from 10 am until the end of the night when the nightclubs close. Magaluf Mcdonald’s serves a similar menu to back in the UK with the exception of no breakfast menu, so don’t attempt to get your sausage and egg McMuffin fix or you will be disappointed.


There are two Burger King’s in Magaluf, one opposite Mulligans at the top end of the Magaluf strip, and another next to Benny Hills. Burger King is similar to back in the UK with a big menu and specials including Jalapeno Cheese Bites, but the staff can be slower than in the UK so prepare for a little wait for your meal.


Subway restaurant is located next to the BH Hotel on the same road as Showgirls and Benny Hills Bar. This sandwich shop is exactly the same as back in the UK with the same menu. This is a good value sandwich restaurant and a cheap way to get by in Magaluf. Subway is open from 10 am until 6 am in Magaluf.


If you have never been to Magaluf before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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