Magaluf Nightlife Guide 2023

Let’s be honest; one of the main reasons you are holidaying in Magaluf is for the crazy nightlife. Whether that is in Bars, Clubs or Magaluf Events, we will be bringing you the ultimate guide. Here we walk you through what to expect at each of the bars in Magaluf.


Dreams bar is located on the outskirts of Magaluf. If you are staying at Martinique, Don Juan, Atlantic Park or BH Apartments, then this will be your closest bar. Dreams bar is family run and you are guaranteed service with a smile! The bar is large with a huge terrace which is busy from 9 am opening until 2 am close. The bar fills up for breakfast where you can pick up a good quality full English breakfast from just €2.90. Dreams also serve tasty quality pub meals such as Lasagne, Burgers, Pizzas and Pies. Dreams Bar is also one of the best places in Magaluf to watch live sports with 10 TV screens showing all live games including 3 pm Kickoffs and every sporting fixture you could wish for. Dreams have also started selling some of the tastiest cocktails. If you enjoy cocktails, then ask Ruben behind the bar for one of his famous Mojitos. Dreams bar is also a great place to have a few drinks before making your way up to your Magaluf Events Package events.


Linekers bar is located just off the Magaluf Beach close to the Sol Wavehouse and Sol House Hotel. Linekers is a central hub in Magaluf with people collecting their Magaluf Ultimate Events Package tickets all day long from the Magaluf Events Reps at the ticket stand at the side of the bar opposite Pizza Hut. Linekers is a large inviting bar which is located on the bottom of the main walkthrough to the beach. Linekers bar is open for breakfast at 9 am and is generally open until around 2 am. The bar has a vast outdoor terrace. The outdoor patio is an ideal people-watching location as there is a steady flow of people to and from Magaluf Beach, so sit back with a beverage and watch the world go by. Inside the bar, there is an excellent team of bar staff who are friendly, helpful and attentive despite it being a bustling bar. Although traditionally a sports bar, this bar has evolved into a party bar at night time with Resident DJ James Harries who always keeps the bar pumping with the hottest new tunes and the odd cheesy classic too! The bar gets busy at night with people relaxing on the terrace taking advantage of the Shisha and good quality drinks from the bar staff. This bar is also one of the most popular places to watch live sports from football to Grand Prix this bar has it all.


Daiquiri Palace is located next to Linekers bar next to the beach. This is one of the bars which makes Magaluf so special. This bar serves 20 different flavours Daiquiri slush cocktails. These are famous in Magaluf, and we advise you to try at least once on your Magaluf holiday. There is no better feeling than chilling next to the beach with frozen slush. Each time to purchase a slush, you receive a stamped loyalty card, and if you collect six stamps, you get awarded a Daiquiri Palace T-shirt as a souvenir. Daiquiri Palace has a ridiculously large terrace with enough space for hundreds of like-minded sun worshipers. This is the home of the Magaluf day session! To keep you going on the day session, Daiquiri Palace also serves American style food with Pizza’s and Burgers being regarded as some of the best in Magaluf. If you are lucky enough to be in Magaluf on July 4th, there is always an extravagant American Independence day party with live music, and thousands of party people so keep your eyes peeled for this free event on 4th July.


Coco Bongos is a legendary bar located opposite Mcdonalds in the centre of Magaluf. This bar is located near a lot of the central hotels; Sol y Vera, BH Apartments, Club B, BH Hotel, Plaza and Sol House Hotel all within a short walk. Coco Bongos is one of the most popular bars in the resort and is open from 9 am until 4 am. Coco Bongos has one of the most extensive terraces in Magaluf, so it is a great place to relax in the day time with table service for food and drinks. It is a popular bar with Magaluf Stag and Hen parties too as the bar can easily accommodate large groups. Inside the bar you can find a gigantic bar running down the side with up to 12 bar staff behind it on busy periods and a large dance floor which fills up every night of the summer without fail. The bar is also the meeting point and after-party location for Pirates Show and Gringos Bingo events and the meeting point for the Magaluf Full Moon Party. Dj Ryan Lee is the resident at Coco Bongos bar, this party DJ knows has a huge selection of summer bangers and he is funny on the mic too!


Benny Hills bar is located next to Burger King opposite Coco Bongos bar and is in close proximity to Sol y Vera, BH Apartments, Club B, BH Hotel, Plaza and Sol House Hotel. Benny Hills is open 24 hours a day, so its worth knowing about this bar in case you fancy a drink a very late or very early drink depending if you have been home of course. The bar has a relaxed feel with a Pool table, large terrace and friendly bar staff.


Show Girls is a lap dancing bar located next to BH hotel and opposite BCM Magaluf nightclub. This bar has a relaxed feel and is a great place to have a chilled beer and admire the views. Showgirls has a large terrace so you can relax outside or you can sit inside the club in one of the comfy sofas or in the VIP rooms. Showgirls is reasonably priced with a top-quality sound system, and friendly girls and bar staff.


London Arms is a small British style pub located beneath the Magaluf Playa hotel. This pub is ideal if you enjoy your home comforts. Here you can get top quality meals, including Sunday dinners and British breakfasts. The bar also serves Stella, Guinness and Carling on draught. The pub also does deliveries to hotels or apartments. The bar has a pleasant terrace where you can sit throughout the day with waitress service.


Peaky Blinders bar is located in Magaluf Square behind BCM Night-club. This bar is close to the Sol House, Sol Wavehouse and Magaluf Playa hotel. Peaky Blinders is one of the largest bars with enough space to comfortably fit hundreds of people. This themed bar is now one of the coolest bars to visit in Magaluf. The bar staff are all dressed up like Peaky Blinders, and the bar is themed similar to the Garrison on the TV show. You can get a photo with a cardboard cutout of Tommy and Arthur Shelby. The bar has live music every night, which is a welcome change to the more commercial music that you find on the Magaluf strip, which can get a bit repetitive with bars all playing similar music. Peaky Blinders bar also has an outdoor bar and terrace which is ideal if you want to relax and be waited on rather than queuing at the bar. Peaky Blinders also has offer 50 different gins to try.


Coyote Ugly is a popular bar in Magaluf square themed on the movie ‘Coyote Ugly’. This bar is relevant to the movie with Coyote bar girls putting on stage shows up on the bar with whips, chains and fire. The bar is one of the coolest venues in Magaluf and gets heated during an evening. Inside the bar, it has an industrial feel with an extra-wide bar for dancing on. This bar should be visited at least once on your Magaluf holiday; it is located opposite Peaky Blinders, so we recommend trying both bars at the same time.


Bierkeller is located next door to Coyote Ugly in Magaluf Square. Bierkeller is a dream for beer drinkers, where you can sample beers from around the world and drink them in 2-pint stein glasses. This tradition which is famous in Germany for Octoberfest has finally made its way to Mallorca and is popular all summer long. This bar is a favourite amongst stag parties who can sit out in the sun and be brought steins by the bar staff dressed in Leidenhausen clothing. The bar also offers a deal where you can purchase your own barrel of beer which is another popular option for large groups.


Stereo bar is perhaps the most iconic new bar on the Magaluf Strip. This sleek bar is super modern and has revolutionised the way the Magaluf strip looks in recent years extending the strip with the new bar replacing an old perfume shop. Stereo bar grabs your attention as soon as you see it with its huge sign above the door and 20-foot doors to gain entry. There terraces an outside bar and is well lit with enough tables and chairs to sit hundreds of guests. Inside the bar there is a good-sized semi-circular dance floor accompanied by a large bar and plenty of bar staff. There are two resident DJ’s at Stereo with over 30 years of DJing experience between them. DJ Stu Mac who also has a residency on the Sunset Boat Party and DJ Brett who has rocked Magaluf’s nightlife for decades, these are Magaluf’s hottest residents.


Stereo Temple has replaced the old BCM shop at the bottom of the Magaluf Strip. Stereo Temple is the smaller brother of Stereo bar directly opposite. Stereo Temple is another clean looking bar with white decor throughout. This bar three different bars where you can order drinks. It has an outdoor bar, a bar inside with a DJ and also a VIP second level bar which serves premium bottles, champagne and cocktails. The VIP bar is a perfect place to watch the crazy Magaluf nightlife unfold from the balcony. You can also smoke Shisha pipes here.


Crystals Bar is located near the bottom of the Magaluf strip and on the way to the Magaluf beach. It is one of the most famous bars on the Magaluf strip. This is one of our favourite bars on the Island with friendly bar staff and a good party vibes inside. Crystals have three outdoor seating areas where you can watch live sports or relax with an ice-cold drink. Inside the bar, there are two large bars either side of the bar, a large dance floor in the middle and a raised DJ box where top Magaluf DJ’s spin the latest chart hits. We have no doubt that you will visit Crystals at least once on your Magaluf party holiday.


Red Lion Bar is a British pub located next door to Crystals bar on the Magaluf Strip. Red Lion has been a pinnacle of Magaluf nightlife for over twenty years and has adapted over time to continue to be one of the biggest party bars in Mallorca. Red Lion is open for drinks all day until 4 am. The bar has a terrace to the side and also a terrace at the front of the bar. Inside the bar, there is a huge bar with a DJ booth built-in. This is another hang out for the My Party Holiday Reps, and there’s no doubt that they will bring you here on your Magaluf Events party holiday.


JD Bar is located neighbouring the Red Lion Bar. This open-aired bar has a relaxed vibe with its neon lights around the sides and seating facing the bar. There is also a large terrace with comfortable private seating and tables on a raised level above the bar, which feels like a VIP area.


Capitol Bar is located on the second floor of the Magaluf strip above Secrets lap dance. Capitol is another huge bar with a terrace inside and dance floor inside. The beauty of this bar is the raised level hovering above the Magaluf nightlife, you can watch the action in the bars on the street below from the terrace at Capitol bar. This bar gets busy and plays al the latest chart and commercial hits.


Alexs Lounge is a popular bar in Magaluf with both holiday makers and workers enjoying the bar. Alexs Lounge has offers a touch of Ibiza, with a strong emphasis on all things house music. The latest Tech-House and deep house tracks are mixed throughout the evening and there is a more relaxed feel with classic house tunes through the day time. The bar is one of the most prominent bars on the Magaluf Strip towering above Alexs R+B opposite. Inside the bar there is a lot fo comfortable seating, a pool table and enough space to two-step and shuffle too! This is also one of the locations for the Magaluf Full Moon party which is included in the Magaluf Events Package.


Alex’s RnB is located midway up the Magaluf Strip on the sidewalk to the beach. This sidewalk makes up a Mini Strip of Alex’s bars including Alex’s Lounge, Alex’s Indie, Alex’s Party Bar and Alex’s Bar. Alex’s RnB provides that R+B Flavour for your Magaluf holiday. The bar is the busiest bar is possibly the busiest in Magaluf during night time. You can expect resident DJ’s to play RnB and Hip Hop classics along with the freshest new tracks. This urban bar has a huge dance floor which can comfortably fit a few hundred people and a large terrace which can accommodate another 100 party goers. Alex’s RnB is one of the bars that your reps will be partying with you this summer.


Tiger Tiger is one of the newest brands on the Magaluf Strip having taken over Revolution in 2019. A huge refurb went underway and a new sound system, lighting has been installed along with and a fresh terraced area. Tiger Tiger is now one of the hottest bars in Mallorca with a cool, cosmopolitan feel. Calling Tiger Tiger a bar is a bit misleading as it feels more like a club once inside, with the huge dance-floor, risen DJ box, podiums to dance on and banging sound system. Tiger Tiger is one of the best bars in Magaluf and is home to the Magaluf White Party. The White Party is one of the events included in the Magaluf Ultimate Package.


Mr Miyagi’s Bar is the newest bar, built-in Magaluf 2020. This bar replaces the much loved KFC restaurant on the strip. Mr Miyagis brings an oriental feel to Magaluf with its Chinese decor. The outside of the bar is impressive with a vast double terrace over looking Tiger Tiger one side and the Alexs bar on the other side. The terrace is the perfect place to sit and enjoy an evening where you can watch the Magaluf nightlife unfold. Mr Miyagi’s will also be showing all live sports day and night, but we advise you to arrive early as this is going to be one of the most popular bars in Magaluf due to it being located bang in the middle of Punta Ballena.


Magaluf Rocks is one of the most iconic bars towards the top end of the strip with Its huge lit-up sign reading MAGALUF ROCKS can be seen from afar. Magaluf Rocks is a popular party bar located next to Pure lap dance bar. The party never stops at Magaluf Rocks with guests from both sides of Magaluf meeting at this bar which is in the middle of the strip. This bar is also popular with large groups with stag and hen parties also meeting here. The bar is open day and night with resident DJs on all evening playing the latest Magaluf anthems. Maga Rocks also has a terrace overlooking the strip and large dance floor.


Eastenders bar is a traditional family-run British pub which has been stood the test of time in Magaluf, being open for over thirty years. This bar is located just off the Magaluf strip near hotels Honolulu, Teix and Vista Sol. The bar is busy all day and serves tasty quality meals from breakfast until late. The bar is also famous for its British Style Sunday carver which never fails to hit the spot. You can also sing karaoke at the bar during an evening which is always great fun. Eastenders is open to all ages with families and younger people enjoying the party together.


The Prince Willian Pub is located opposite Eastenders and is one of few Magaluf British bars that are open all year round. This traditional pub has the feel of an old school boozer back in the UK being quite dark inside, it is an ideal place to enjoy a few games of pool or watch live sports. You can also order pub food and bar snacks too.


The Three Lions bar is located just up from Magaluf Rocks towards the top end of Magaluf. The Three Lions is open all day and night all year round, so its a regular for workers swell as tourists. This pokey little bar serves a good selection of beverages and always seems to have a nice buzz around the place with the friendly British bar staff. All live sports are also shown here, so if you fancy a chilled day watching sport, then this could be the bar for you.


Sky Lounge is Magaluf’s answer to the clubs closing at 6 am. Sky Lounge opens at 6 am for everyone who wants to carry on partying through sunrise. This usually means tourists and workers flocking to Sky Lounge from Boomerang, Bananas, Tokyo Joes and BCM nightclub. Once you walk up the stirs to sky lounge, you will be greeted with a room which is scarily quiet and disco lights. This is because Sky Lounge is a silent disco. So you can party and dance in the silent disco, or you can sit on the terrace and catch a tan, where there is plenty of seating and tables. Sky Lounge also has a pool table if you just fancy winding down after a heavy night or even a night at work.


Every holiday resorts needs at least one Irish bar, right!? Well, Mulligans delivers the answer to that need in Magaluf. Mulligans is a traditional Irish pub located on the corner at the top end of the Magaluf Strip. If you are staying in the Lively Magaluf, Vista Nova, TRH Magaluf, Sotavento, HSM Sandalo or Florida Hotel this will be the first bar that you come across on the strip. Mulligans is a home away from home with live sports including horse racing being shown throughout the day. During an evening the bar can get lively with the three-tiered dance floor-filling up around midnight until 4 am. Mulligans is a good party bar and always a good place to start the evening before heading to Magaluf’s nightly events brought to you by the Mypartyholiday reps.


If you have never been to Magaluf before, read our guide. It includes everything you need to know, from the weather to advice on spending money and what to pack!

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